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Propane Home
Propane for Home

Inside and out, propane can fuel the majority of systems. Reduce your energy costs with propane-powered appliances, while getting better comfort and value than you would with fuel oil and electric sources.

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Propane for Agriculture

Ideal for fueling the latest, most reliable technology while staying affordable, propane works for agriculture in California. Lower emissions and versatility make propane a clear choice.

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Propane Busines
Propane for Business

A highly economical source of heat, businesses rely on propane. Offices, restaurants, hotels, farms, greenhouses, factories and more put this fuel to use year round.

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Outdoor Propane
Outdoor Living

When it comes to enjoying your backyard, propane can make all the difference. With flexible piping, propane can help you enjoy a variety of products in your yard, including fireplaces and refrigerators.

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Water conservation is always top of mind and propane fuels some of the most efficient water heating technologies on the market. From standard propane water heaters to propane tankless on-demand water heaters, the time you save waiting for the water to warm up equals gallons saved. Every day.

And for times when your hot water needs are high volume, propane makes it happen quickly and efficiently, without breaking the bank.

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Tankless Water Heaters

Rebates & Tax Incentives

In addition to the built-in savings propane brings as a result of its efficiency, there are several ways to save with tax incentives and consumer rebates. The Propane Farm Incentive Program, sponsored by the Propane Education & Research Council is a great starting point.

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Government Affairs

Propane is integral to California’s economy, job market, agriculture and manufacturing landscapes. California is the largest consumer of propane in the United States—both commercial and residential, and the California propane industry contributes $40 billion to the national economy annually.

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Californians use about 220 million gallons of propane each year. And the number continues to grow!

This website is brought to you by the Western Propane Gas Association (WPGA), a trade and membership service organization. The WPGA, founded in 1949, represents propane marketers throughout California. The organization holds high standards of practice within the industry. WPGA values propane as part of California’s clean-energy economy and is a leading national proponent for renewable propane.

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