Western Propane Gas Association Urges California Legislature to Promote Energy Diversity and Innovation

Posted: March 27, 2019

Mar. 27, 2019

Propane fuel continues to play a significant role in helping California meet its greenhouse gas emissions targets while serving millions of customers with a critical source of clean energy, according to the Western Propane Gas Association (WPGA).

The group called on lawmakers to support the “Clean Air Now” bill package, which will help promote the use and development of many clean energy sources.

“Whether we’re talking about natural gas, biofuels or propane, it is vital that the California legislature foster a marketplace that protects and promotes the many types of clean alternative fuels used today and being innovated,” said Joy Alafia, president of WPGA, at the group’s legislative day in Sacramento.

“While most people may associate propane with backyard barbecues, our fuel represents a reliable and affordable source of clean energy,” said Alafia. “The value of the fuel is spread across the state.”

In urban areas like Los Angeles and the Bay Area, propane fuels everything from commercial trucks and school buses, to warehouse forklifts. In remote rural areas, propane is often used to heat homes, cook food and generate electricity.

WPGA cited a number of economic and environmental benefits related to propane:

  • Propane provides a low-cost fuel for consumers.
  • Propane engine are available certified to California Air Resources Board’s optional low oxides of nitrogen emissions standard for heavy-duty engines with 0.02 g/bhp-hr. The engine is 90-percent cleaner than the current EPA’s most stringent standard.
  • Propane is part of California’s building energy goals providing energy efficient appliances for consumers as well as a complementary energy source for solar powered homes, useful when battery power is low.
  • Propane is essential to ensuring homes and businesses are energy-resilient. If electrical power is down because of a storm or blackout, propane generators can be used as back- up power.

WPGA’s Alafia said that these numbers will only get better over time because the industry is committed to commercializing renewable propane.

“Our Next Generation Propane will be sustainable,” she said. “Renewable propane made from animal fat, beef tallow, vegetable oil, used cooking oil and methane-capture offer an avenue for low carbon and even carbon negative solutions.”

About the Western Propane Gas Association (WPGA)
The Western Propane Gas Association is a trade and membership service organization that represents propane marketers throughout California. Founded in 1949, the association has grown in its influence while maintaining its core principles of education and safety. The association’s primary purpose is to maintain high standards of practice within the industry, and in so doing, protect and expand the ability of its members to compete in the marketplace.

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