Propane Autogas


Move your business forward with propane Autogas


When propane is used as a motor fuel, it’s referred to as Autogas.

Used as a motor fuel for nearly a century, Autogas is currently the fuel of choice for fleet owners throughout California. Fueling stations are conveniently located throughout the state.

Produced almost entirely in the United States, Autogas is the third most widely used vehicle fuel in the world, powering shuttles, delivery trucks and school buses, as well as tractors, mowers and forklifts.

Advantages of using Autogas

  • Autogas produces a substantial fewer fuel emissions and leads to savings of up to 50% when compared to retail gasoline spending.
  • Vehicles powered by Autogas emit 40% less nitrogen oxide, 20% less carbon monoxide and 10% less carbon dioxide.
  • Autogas-powered vehicles require less maintenance and owners enjoy longer engine life.
  • In addition to having 20 times the puncture resistance than gasoline tanks, propane Autogas systems can automatically halt significant leaks.
  • Autogas outperforms gasoline using the same amount of power and offers the longest driving range of today’s alternative fuels.

Partner with an Autogas supplier

A growing number of California businesses are proud to operate their vehicles with Autogas and find it to be appreciated among their client base and customers.

To learn more about Autogas fuel delivery, contact your local propane company today.