Propane Powered Lawnmowers


Propane gas is an ideal solution for powering your mowers.

Lawn mowers

Whether you’re a landscaping contractor or a farmer, you’ll save on fuel and produce lower emissions with the help of propane-powered lawnmowers.

More than 150 models—and counting—are now available, including the following types:

  • zero-turn-radius mowers
  • walk-behind mowers
  • stand-on mowers

Tax incentive

Your business might be eligible for $1,000 toward a new propane-powered mower. Click here to learn more.

How is propane Autogas making a difference in the world of mowers? The lawnmower and landscaping industries are enjoying the benefits of propane Autogas in a variety of ways, including easy on-site refueling and less downtime, lower operating costs, reduced emissions, fewer fuel spills, lower risk of fuel theft, reliable performance and an abundant, U.S.-produced supply.