Storage Tank Water Heaters


Comfort meets value with a propane storage tank water heater

Replacing your electric water storage tank? Energy Star–certified propane storage tanks feature an electronic ignition and top-notch insulation. They’re efficient and reliable, with the capacity to meet the demands of any California residence. For instance, a 40-gallon propane unit can deliver the same quantity of heated water as a 50-gallon electric model. And it gets the job done faster!

Rely on Energy Star to save you money while you experience improved performance!

With a smaller footprint than comparable electric units, propane storage tank water heaters are easier to fit into tight spaces. And now that the new federal efficiency standards have a larger size requirement for all storage tank models, a new larger-than-before electric unit could present its own set of space and storage challenges.

Want to learn more? Get in touch with your your local propane company to learn more about propane storage tank water heaters.

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