Clean & Green


You can feel good about propane being a clean-burning fuel.

An Energy Star label is, in fact, more than just a label. A blue energy Star label is a reliable indication that a product uses less energy and causes less pollution than comparable products on the market.

Consumers using Energy Star products prevented 23 million cars’ worth of pollution in one year, while saving $12 on their energy bills.

Things You Might Not Know About Propane

  • Easy to transport, propane gas can be compressed until it takes on a liquid form. This is how it’s delivered to homes and businesses. As a result of its capacity for compression, even a small tank of propane delivers quite a bit of propane gas.
  • Propane generators produce far fewer greenhouse gas emissions than their diesel and gasoline counterparts.

Propane Gas

When you turn on your gas stove, liquid propane is returned to its gaseous state as it goes through a valve for cooking and heating. It can also be used as a gasoline alternative for vehicles and other engines.